Touchless visitor management system- Contactless Visitor Check-In


By Yaman Saluja     November 4, 2020

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Are you still managing all your visitor’s records manually? Doesn’t these papers bother you and affect your productivity? Aren’t you looking for something that can automate all these processes can record all the data of at a central database? However, a digital contactless visitor management system is trending today. No one has enough time and patience to manage all the records manually in a file. So, businesses are now adopting latest ways of managing the visitors at their workplace that can modernize and safeguard their premises.

Keeping this COVID-19 pandemic in mind going digital at your doorstep is crucial. Organizations have adopted advanced ways to welcome their visitors. This is useful for organizations have large number of visitors that helps visitors to smartly check-in without following any long process or waiting in queue.  

Digital Your Workplace

To keep up with pace of this digitalized world businesses are welcoming latest technologies for improving their social network, communication, collaboration, access to analytic data, staff as well as customer experience. Organizations are created digital workplaces to improve their business cohesion.

Digital Receptionists -Touch less visitor management
Contactless Visitor Check-In

Adopt a digital Touch less visitor management system that can handle huge amount of visitors at a time. It also helps you get real-time status of guests entering your premises. It’s far better than entering details of visitors in each column manually. Our high-tech visitor management system is cloud-based management that stores data over cloud.

Features of  Visitor Management System( VizMan)
Touch less Visitor Management System Features

  • Security Login
  • Self-Check In/out 
  • OTP Verification
  • Meeting calendar
  • Badge Printing
  • Visitor Pass
  • Visitor Analytics
  • Real-time view

Why VizMan?

  • Access data anywhere
  • Provides a safe working Environment
  • Get host notifications
  • Reduces costs 
  • Enhances workplace productivity

Switch to touchless visitor management system and go paperless. If you looking for a secured workplace environment then try out our brand new digital visitor management system with advanced features where you can go paperless and contactless at the same time. To explore more about VizMan you can contact our experts at 079-48940505 

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