Brief About App

Visitor Management Application that replaces the usual register to create a data of visitors and keeping unnecessary people at bay by blocking them. It digitizes the process right from the main gate to reception; meeting arena to gate pass. It is sleek end-to-end flow of the visit that creates the workplace to be secure and smart. It helps the users to see relevant visitors’ information on the system before the meeting.

Manage your Visitors with Meeting Calendar and Issue Gate Pass to keep check on daily in comings in your office/factory premises. VizMan is a touchless interface for your Visitors keeping in mind the recent Pandemic that has affected us all.

It is a refreshed version of your paper-based log books where you would record the data from the visitors. VizMan provides notification on every Check-in, Meeting, and Invite, keeping you informed of who you meet?

Visitor Management System Vizman
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USP of VizMan

Touchless Visitor Check-in

Meeting Calendar with Notification

Print Visitor Badge & Gate Pass

Instant Host & Visitor Notification

Capture Images

Real Time Analytics

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Corporate Offices


Schools and Institutions

Retail Shops




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