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Since its inception, Naapbooks has espoused an innovation focused approach. It is what has led us to create multiple proprietary products which have brought meaningful improvements in the day to day business activities of our clients in a variety of industries.

As we continuously look for new ideas and new industries to serve, we have compiled our learnings from our completed projects and the exploration of the potential of our products. Here we present them to you as business case studies of Naapbooks Ltd.

Case Study
Case Studies NBL


How Our Expertise Delivers Business Enhancement

VizMan – Visitor Module provides a way to effectively control, record & track Guests at your premises. It helps to prevent the entry of any unauthorized or unwanted person in the premises. Blacklisted Guest / Visitors with restrictive entry may be rejected at the check-in point or an alert to the concerned authority be sent.

NBL’s approach to the solution was keeping security at the forefront and device and selecting the best possible services from the cloud that can be cost effective yet scalable as per clients’ demand. We first throttled through the type of device required for the application to be run smoothly and without hiccups.

We created, developed, and maintained a useful, relevant, and smooth website for Bright Solar Limited, a Gujarat-based manufacturer and installer of various Solar products.

India is a large country by any measure. For all countries, and more so for a large country with a population that is increasingly on the move, an efficient, low-cost, reliable, and universally accessible remote payments system that links all parts of the country is vital to spur economic activity, to create opportunity, and to improve well-being.

Internet of things is one of the most advanced forms of technology currently at its boom in society. Internet of things forms the backbone of IT infrastructure, where IoT Analytics is the key element that helps to create meaningful insights which are usually accumulated from huge data from our everyday lives.


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