Secured E-Voting Platform
Electronic Voting


Secure Online Voting Platform

    In the world of ever-evolving technology, the power of having a say in matters that concern you has become achievable. With eVoting you can exercise your right to vote securely from any location.

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Online Voting

    eVoting is an online platform that empowers stakeholders to vote from smartphones, tablets and computers. Online voting is helpful in many ways -

    • eVoting reduces the use of paper voters are sent notices and reminders in emails and SMS and voters don't require paper ballots to cast their votes
    • The ability to vote digitally increases participation because being physically absent for any reason is not a hurdle anymore
    • Organising polling booths and assembling stakeholders takes a considerable amount of effort and can delay the voting process. But with eVoting there is no delay because time is not wasted on unavoidable hurdles. 
    • eVoting’s framework guarantees that voting process is fair and transparent
    • Encrypting votes ensures your votes are kept safe and secure
    • There is a fixed time to cast votes. eVoting will not let any user cast their vote before the start time and the end time of voting.
    • Since every stakeholder votes online expenses like postal charges and event organisation expenditures are spared making eVoting a cost effective tool.
Online Voting
Remote E-Voting

Remote eVoting

    eVoting is an efficient and beneficial tool for the voters who for one or other reason are unable to physically be present to cast or voice their votes, it supports people who are

    • Travelling or living in remote areas
    • Travelling or living in abroad
    • Unable to leave their houses due to road blocks or personal issues
    • Unable to move physically due to health reasons
    • Can use their travelling time to get more work done or use that time to take rest

    It also helps in reducing

    • The time it takes for a vote to reach the place of counting
    • Counting errors
    • The possibility of double voting

IBC Compliant

    • In keeping with Insolvency & Bankruptcy Board, 2016 and Insolvency & Bankruptcy Board of India (Insolvency Resolution Process for Corporate Persons) Regulations, 2016 it is now mandatory for companies to keep an option of E-voting for members who cannot physically be present to cast their votes on resolutions
    • Votes of stakeholders with higher percentage of shares will be given more weight over other stakeholders
    • Entity has the authority to invalidate a vote. A vote is deemed invalid if it isn’t computed in the concluding election outcome. A vote is invalidated after a thorough assessment of the voter's intentions
E-Voting Application
E-Voting Features


    • Apt for Resolution Professionals, Bankers, Corporates, NGOs, Associations, Researchers, and Government
    • Vote from smartphones, tables and computers
    • Separate votes for separate agendas
    • Graphical Reporting on Dashboard
    • Voters receive receipts after their votes are cast
    • Voting is agenda wise
    • Two formats of voting – i) MCQ ii) Y or N
    • Once a vote is cast it cannot be altered

    "Secure, Convenient, and Easy Voting – Get Started!"

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Yes, if you are holding shares of the Company then you have the option to vote through eVoting.

Yes, you may choose to cast your vote on some of the resolutions.

Once the vote is cast it will be considered final and cannot be changed.


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