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By Ashish Jain     December 5, 2020

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2020 pandemic has raised a bar for visitor management in corporate premises. The heaps for security are getting higher than before. We have to upgrade our visitor management system to keep up with the pace. We have to adopt a system that reflects entry of billions of visitors entering  premises everyday and also keep their data safe.

What is a Visitor Management System?

Visitor Management System benefits companies to customize their user experience for all types of visitors not only by verifying, tracking and storing all the details of the visitors. Hence, this ease the work of front desk operators and they can work without any interruptions.

Why is the Visitor Management System important?

In addition to this for any organization, it’s important to store correct details of visitors that doesn’t require any manual entry. Moreover, companies switch to visitor management systems as it provides a secured location to store. In addition to this, it lists visitor’s data, sorts that data, and can print data sets by giving commands.

Types of Visitor Management Systems

  1. Pen and Paper-based system

It’s the basic and mundane task to keep the records of visitors in a register which as the result causes long lines on reception which is time-consuming and is prone to errors. Paper logbooks violate visitor’s privacy as the information is left open in front of the other person. You can access the logbook easily there is no sort of security or privacy. Ultimately this is the most easy but also risky visitor management system. 

  1. On-Premise Software

On-Premise software is one step ahead of pen and paper-based systems. It’s more about moving away from paper logbook to electronic logbook. However due to installation of server-side hardware, antivirus, or storage it has a high acquisition cost. It requires version updates and software support. Why to burden your server with lots of data when you can easily switch to cloud-based system or software

  1. Cloud-based software

A cloud-based visitor management system enables you to store all the details of guests at a secured location. Only few members have rights to access the database. With the help of a Tablet or iPad without a receptionist visitors can sign-in and sign-out. The software is user-friendly. Anyone can use the software with ease and you don’t require any extra knowledge.

How to work VizMan?

VizMan Step By Step Work

How VizMan Works?

  1. The visitor can register as he enters the premises
  2. If someone is at the door a notification blinks on the dashboard of concerned employee
  3.  Swipe up the history and you can scan the information of the guests
  4.  If accepted the visitor is welcomed and proceeds to the meeting room
  5.  The timestamps, notes, and contact details are recorded for future correspondence 
  6.  Invitations can be sent to guests/VIP’s for easy access on arrival

Why VizMan?

  • Improved security 
  • Cost and time-efficient 
  • Increases efficiency 
  • Improved visibility and accountability 
  • Enhanced customer experience 

If you’re now looking for a complete tracking solution and have additional questions, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us today. Want to give us a try? 

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