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Imagine strolling at a snail’s pace for hours at a traffic signal even though you had to take the first left, fuming sweat at 45 degrees temperature finally reaching the consultancy where you’ve been scheduling a meet for weeks. The day has arrived after all kinds of calls and texts and emails and lobbying. You can’t really do away with them because they’re the best in business and do really take care of work nicely. It’s just that they get stuck at trivial details that end up taking most of their time and energy. 

After an eternal struggle to find safe and legal parking spot miles away, the lift behaves with you like a bitter forgotten ex, and as if the last nail in the coffin, grudgingly you must take the stairs. Your boss is messaging again and again for updates. Your wife has sent that shopping list for the third time. 

But you will happily forget all this. If only after a few ticks and taps, you are greeted with a warm smile. The cool breeze of AC accompanied with immediate disposal of work would just brighten up your day. But behold and don’t kid yourself, that won’t be the case. 

You will see again a new guard at the same place (probably the fourth one in the last six months) with a stick glance and moody face. With ever so stern a gesture of the hand, he will point towards the pen that has given up its will to slide. The dust-filled antic register page will send you on a dark and detailed ride of self-pitying introspection. Just down besides are a heap of hundreds of such long-forgotten registers, decaying for decades, headaches for anyone who wants to find the simplest of information. You are hungry. You are thirsty. You want to just sit down beside’s a fan. But wait, my friend, you must first fill up the in-time!

After a steep uphill highly crucial approval, you finally receive the much-coveted permission to enter the door. But hold your breath because the next level is an ever steeper Trobe. All the interrogation must again commence satiating the whims of her highness the receptionist. Dodging through unsettling calls after calls, interrupting colleagues, and what seemed to be like a lunch size coffee break, she did somehow manage to grant your outrageous wish to finally have a meet that was scheduled a week ago and confirmed every day since. But Patience is the key here, why wouldn’t you comply to wait for half an hour in the much-congested waiting room with an unsettling commotion. 

The ever so diligent Manager finally greets you. His excellent track record makes you want to not have any speck of complaint. If only he remembered exactly what this meeting was all about. The tale about why they owe this pleasure must be narrated again. 

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