Top 6 Machine Learning Tools of 2022 to get your hands on


By Yaman     June 14, 2022

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Modern machine learning (ML) is very different from machine learning in the past. New computer technology has changed the way it works (not the structure that is based on it, that is, learning from pattern recognition).

Although many ML algorithms have been around for a long time, the ability to perform complex mathematical calculations on big data and to bring faster and more accurate results to recent developments.

 The past few years have been a good year for freedom of information, as tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and even Baidu have opened up a few of their ML frameworks.

Working within the ML landscape while using the right tools can be very helpful for engineers who are trying to create a productive algorithm that affects their capabilities. Here are some of the best machine learning tools and resources that will help you easily integrate ML power into everyday tasks.

What is Machine Learning Framework?

A simple definition would be to think of it as a tool or library that allows developers to easily create ML models or machine learning applications without having to go through the basic algorithms or key algorithms.

Most Popular Machine Learning Tools

In this list, we have tried to put together the top and most needed tools for 2022. Although there are basic-level tools like KNIME, we also have the famous Shogun tool. Many AI / ML tools are based on predictive models and data. In this article, we have tried to reduce their operating systems and certain benefits. Some of the mentioned tools like KNIME, and Apache Mahout are open source which means you can start learning them now!

Most Popular Machine Learning Tools

1) Shogan

Shogun is a machine learning tool that provides various algorithms and data structures to execute your project. A free machine learning tool, Shogun is organized in C ++ and supported by Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS. It also provides support for multiple languages ​​such as R, Ruby, Python, Scala, Lua, Java, and Octave. An easy-to-use machine learning tool that provides great features and functions that can process large data sets. Provides vector machine support, online learning, size reduction, merging, retrieval, and editing.


KNIME is an open machine learning tool for data analysis, business intelligence, and document extraction. It can be used in finance, medicine, and CRM. It is one of the easiest to learn and install machine learning tools. The best part about KNIME is that it can integrate programming language codes like Python, Java, R, JavaScript, C ++, etc. If you are a beginner in the field of AI and machine learning, you should definitely try your hands at this tool. as its platform is built on powerful statistics in the workflow of the Graphical User Interface. This means that even if you do not have coding experience, you will still be able to access information using KNIME.


Keep is an open machine learning tool that helps to separate data, process, retrieve, merge, visualize, and extract data. Written in Java, it supports platforms like Linux, Mac OS, Windows. Includes a collection of data analysis algorithms, predicted model, and data view. Because of its easy-to-understand algorithms, it is widely used in teaching and research as well as in industry programs.

4) Apache Mahout

Apache Mahout is an open source machine learning tool developed using Java Scala. It works with the platform and provides algorithms for regression, merging recommendations, and distributed line algebra. Simple, flexible, and can be used for large data sets. It is widely used by data scientists, mathematicians, and mathematicians to use ML algorithms quickly.

5)Amazon Machine Learning

It is a robust, cloud-based tool that simplifies the process for developers of all skill levels to apply machine learning. You can build powerful models using Amazon ML. Provides visual aids, and psychic and Amazon ML is powerful enough to handle large databases using multiple servers. In addition, customization is easy to set up and repair.

6)Big ML

With its goal of making machine learning easier, and better for all users, BigML is one of the most comprehensive machine learning tools. Provides a managed forum to create and share your data sets and models. It is a highly scalable, cloud-based tool, easy to integrate and use the tool. BigML is loaded with a variety of machine learning features such as retrieval, segmentation, cluster analysis, title modeling, confusing discovery, etc.

When it comes to Data Science (AI, ML, Advanced Learning), tools allow you to explore the depth of Data Science domains, experiment with them, and establish fully functional AI / ML solutions. Different tools are designed for different needs. Therefore, the choice of machine learning tools will depend largely on the nearest project, the expected result, and, in some cases, on your level of expertise.



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