Introduction and meaning of visitor management system


By Nilesh Shewani     June 3, 2022

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Visitor Management System is a tool that helps the organization to keep track of the visitors visiting them. Important data of visitors or clients can be helpful to the organization in the Future. Visitor Management Software helps the organization to create or modify its visitor policies. Ex. Some organizations only take the name and contact details of the visitor, on the other hand, some organizations ask for the photo id of the visitor for records. The visitor management system is helpful not in just corporate offices but also in buildings, warehouses, factories, valet parking, and more different industries.

How Visitor Management System [VMS] is helpful to organizations?

Visitor Management is important to ensure the building’s safety and the security of data. The natural and traditional process of collecting and storing the data of the visitor relies on manual work and in that there are high possibilities of human error and data manipulation. It is helpful in Corporate offices, hospitals, hotels, warehouses, factories, buildings, valet-parking because traditional database management is misery for them for which VizMan- VMS is the digital solution.

VizMan by Naapbooks Limited:-

The old process includes paper-based visitor sign-in books, which put the corporations in a position of risk nowadays, With the impact of covid in the Pandemic challenges the traditional paper-based visitor management. The organizations need to be free from the manual data entering the process and for that with advanced tech. and cloud-based software as a service [SAAS] product named “VizMan” is designed. It helps the organization to complete the process of visitor management and database collection digitally. Touchless Check-in and Check-out are possible with VizMan which is created by Naapbooks Limited.

It provides a safe, productive, efficient, and transparent experience to both visitors as well as employees in the organization. Data Security is given in one of the top priorities in VizMan which creates an impact on the reputation of the company in the market.


Are you still using traditional paper-based data management of visitors?

Benefits of using VizMan(Visitor Management System):-

  • One-touch Check-in & Check-out 
  • Data Security
  • 24*7 Customer Support [mail/call/chat]
  • Web and Mobile App both available
  • Attendance and Courier Management 
  • Increases Reputation in the digital world
  • Paperless digital Database
  • Easy Invite and Meeting Schedule
  • Long-term data storing [as its cloud based]
  • Earn With VizMan Programmer

benefits of using Vizman(VMS)


In the world of information and technology going digital is a must thing for an organization to grow and develop faster with advanced tech. VizMan helps the organization to secure the data as well as to access it for the long term as it is based on advanced cloud tech. Safety of employees and Security of data is the motto of VizMan-VMS.

“Move toward progress and development with VizMan”  

Do you also want to digitalize your office and working space with a visitor management system [VMS]?

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