Importance Of Visitor Management Software


By Nilesh Shewani     October 21, 2022

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Maintaining files and registers is a mundane task and because of human error problems like data manipulation, loss of data, unorganized data, and unsecured data arise in the organization. Visitor management system is very helpful in providing a better customer experience. They can help you identify the areas where your customer service can be improved, provide insights about your business, and help you improve your bottom line.

For any organization, data is a crucial thing that should be well organized and safe but as mentioned above problems consume most of the time to arrange it that can be used in other productive activities. 

To get the information of  What is the Visitor Management System?

And here we come with VizMan – Digital Visitor Management Software & Digital Assistant for you, a digital platform that helps in not only managing the visitors but also helps in scheduling meetings, couriers’ management & Employee’s attendance management.  

What are the Benefits of Using the Visitor Management Software?

  • Admin can take look at the new Updates in his absence too 
  • Digital Transparency 
  • Important Data of Visitors can be saved for a Long Time 
  • Data Confidentiality  
  • A Quick Check of Previous Data 
  • Alerts and Notifications to Management  
  • Touchless Check-In & Check-Out 
  • Proper Emergency Evacuation 

VIZMAN-Visitor Management System

VizMan Stands For: – 

V – Visitor 

 I – Identification  

Z – Z Security  

M -Management  

A – Adaptive 

N – Need of Today

Where Visitor Management Software can be used?

VizMan [Visitor Management Software] Can be used at any type of corporate office, factory, warehouse, events & exhibitions, hospitals, consultancy firms, Manufacturing Units, Government Offices, and Educational Institutes like Schools, colleges & educational centers.  

As it is helpful to manage visitors as well as meetings, staff attendance, couriers, and parking, it can be used anywhere where the above needs are required to be fulfilled.  

Why VizMan among other Visitor Management Systems?

The market is growing year after year. With VizMan you are able to monitor your visitors and all the actions they take in your building or on your premises, from your device at fingertips. You can use VizMan to improve your security and reduce the risk of incidents happening.

USP(Unique Selling Point) Of VizMan

  • User-Friendly Android App, IOS App & Web Interface 

One of the uniqueness of  VizMan – Visitor Management Systems is that VizMan is not just available on the web but also the mobile application is available for both android and iOS users.

  • 4 Modules In 1 Subscription

VizMan provides 4 different modules as users that are Admin, Employee, Receptionist, and Security. With these 4 modules, the visitor management process of any organization gets automation at the fingertips with security, safety and confidentiality. 

  • Multiple Accessibility

VizMan provides multiple access to the user which is one of the coolest things any visitor management can have. The admin or any user can log in from any device to use the amazing features of the software. 

  • Useful For All Industries

VizMan is a Digital Visitor Management System that allows corporate offices, schools, hospitals, clinics, and government offices to create visitor lists and monitor visitor traffic. VizMan is designed to create the environment.

So Don’t wait, Put Your Step Towards Digital Growth & Success with VizMan – Visitor Management System & Your Digital Assistant


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