VizMan- Visitor Mangement System
VizMan for visitors

VizMan - Visitor Management System

Your Digital Assistant.

    Making complex approach simple. Straightforward process saves time. No more waiting to connect with people that matter to you. Safety first is not a cliché - Securely protect information in cloud storage to prevent any third party from accessing data.

VizMan - Visitor Management System

    Would you rather make your visitors feel burdened by making them wait? Or choose VizMan for a stress-free experience? VizMan is an automated visitor management system that works for any industries not limited to factories, societies, government institutes, and warehouses. A new age contactless way of logging information of visitors, employees, packages, and vehicles. VizMan is a digital logbook so it deters unnecessary use of paper or space since there is no requirement of bundles of registers that is left to collect dust in a corner of a room. Visitor’s essential details, helps in scheduling meetings for visitors and employees, and assists in supervising the attendance of the employees. With VizMan, visitors don’t need to wait for hours in long queues. VizMan handles visitors with the value they deserve because we know time is important to you.

Visitors safety with VizMan
VizMan Features

Feasible Features

    • One Subscription, Four Modules – Admin, Employee, Receptionist, and Gatekeeper ensures confidentiality and prevents data from being manipulated
    • User Friendly – can be easily used on Android, iOS, and Web Interfac
    • Multiple Accessibility – Log in through any device from any place at any time
    • One app for all industries – a Visitor Management System that works for any organisation.

Stress-free Sign-up

    • Visitor is registered and checked-in by the Receptionist
    • Host gets a notification, where they opt to Approve the meeting
    • Host notifies the Receptionist of the end of the meeting
    • Visitor is checked-out by the Receptionist
    • Host enters notes and remarks of the meeting
Easy Sign-ups with VizMan
VizMan Customisable Components

Customisable Components

    • Scheduling Meetings – Host can invite visitors for meetings and also approve, reject and reschedule meetings
    • Single/Bulk invites – Invitations can be sent individually to a visitor or collectively to many visitors
    • VIP Visitors – Additional security of data for VIP visitors to avoid misuse of information
    • Courier Management – Keeps a check on deliveries like commodities being delivered in and out of establishments
    • Alerts & Notifications – Get notified on SMS, email, and application
    • Parking Management – Manage availability of parking space
    • Individual log-in – Every user has their own log-in id
    • Visitor/Meeting Analytics – Evaluate notes and remarks of the meeting stored in the system

    "Secure Your Premises with VizMan (VMS) – Get It Now"

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VizMan is created for everyone and can easily work on Android, iOS, and any Web Interface devices from any place at any time.

Multiple module system ensures visitor’s experience to be smooth from the time they check-in till the time they are checked-out. All data is stored in the Cloud, one of the safest forms of data storage.

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