Easy participation for online auctions
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A Perfect Solution For Online Auctions

    eAuction portal brings the sellers and buyers together by providing a secure platform to provide a functional channel for auctioning, bidding and negotiations. Naapbooks ensures that this platform meets the highest standards of transparency, privacy and data security.

Online Auction

    eAuction offers listing assets and services. This aids in recovering the amount when there is insolvency or in case of non-performing loan accounts. It enables NPA auctions conducted by banks and other monetary institutions who have lent financial services to the default borrowers. As per SARFAESI and DRT the lenders have the authority to possess and auction default borrower’s securities. eAuction has the capability to handle a wide variety of assets that includes residential, commercial, art, land, building, plant & machineries, factories, warehouse, hotels, farm houses & Plots etc. Resolution Professionals, Bankers, Corporates (for purchase of products and services), NGOs (for purchase of products and services), Auctioneers, Associations, Art Galleries, and Government can use the services provided by eAuction without any difficulties.

Application for Online Auctions
eAuction App Easy to use

Easy to use

    • Bidder Login - bidder safely logs in with their credentials and is able to see a list of products up for purchasing and places their bid on the product
    • Seller Login - seller logs in with their credentials and is able to list their products and services for the buyers to bid
    • Admin Login - administrator is another module where they have the authority to keep a check on the products and services being listed for auctions. They have the power to remove unwanted items
    • Report generation - administrator receives generated reports whenever products are listed and when users register on eAuction
    • Notifications -  Every bidder, whether they lost or won, gets a notification about the final decision of the auction keeping the bidders updated


    • Secure environment for Auctions and Bids – auction or bid your items without any fear of unauthorized interference
    • Registration and login – easily register yourself and simply login with your credentials
    • Bidding & Negotiations – live reporting of bids and negotiations
    • Auctioned items and Bidding history – records of all the biddings and the items sold till date
    • Graphs on Dashboard – graphical representation of the details of the events available on dashboard.
    • Auctioneer rights – Auctioneers are provided the same rights and regulations as they are given in offline auctions
    • Records of every Auction – complete list of fulfilled, existing, pending, and cancelled auctions available
    • Reverse auction facility – we also provide reverse auction facility where there are multiple sellers competing against each other and one buyer looking to purchase from the best suited seller.
    • Multi-device system – functions well on smartphones, tablets and computers
eAuction Features
eAuction Technology


    • Angular JS
    • ASP. Net
    • MVC (model-view-controller)
    • AJAX
    • jQuery
    • MS SQL
    • Cryptography

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A Bidder Should be registered on eAuction to be able to participate in bidding of any auction.

Yes, Auction Inviting Authority can publish Forward and Reverse Auction as per their requirement and select the relevant Auction type during Auction creation.

Any Individual, Institutions, Banks and Government Departments can auction the properties through eAuction. Any one who has the legal rights to auction assets can use eAuction for listing their products and services. For example, banks and financial institutions have rights under SARFAESI and DRT to auction possessions of default borrowers.


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