Inventory management with EZEO product
Inventory management

EZEO - Supply Chain Management System

Manage Your Inventory Easily With EZEO

    EZEO is a supply chain management system that allows small and medium-sized enterprises to restructure their entire supply chain management while also providing an efficient management opportunity. EZEO in simple terms is, Easy Order Management system. It makes the traditional manual system super easy and 100% accurate. It manages the orders by recording almost all the information about products while taking orders from clients.

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Modules of EZEO

    • CRM - Customer Relationship Management – To aid you to manage your leads, contracts, customer feedbacks, sales campaigns and analytics.
    • Ordering – To keep a record of your orders; from Inventory Planning, Agent Management to Sales Forecasting.
    • Invoicing and Receipt Management – EZEO will help you in Sales Invoicing, Overdue Management, API Integration, etc.
    • Expense and Payment Management – You will be able to effectively manage Cash Expenses, Credit Expenses, Reimbursements and Payable Management
    • Inventory – All aspects of Inventory like Batching, Warehousing, Stock Verification, Stock Transfer, Pricing Management and Bills of Material can be managed with EZEO. 
    • Vendor Portal – Dashboard, Invoice, Payment, New Product Upload, Inventory Planning will all be covered under Vendor Portal.
    • Customer Portal – Customer Portal will include Dashboard, Order Out, Delivery In, Invoice In, Payment Out, Ledger View, Charts Management and Negotiations.
    • Payroll – Salary Processing, Attendance Log, Loan Management, Recruitment, KRA (Key Response Area), KPI (Key Performance Area), Grievances Management, Training and Management, Employee Engagement will be looked after by EZEO.
    • POS – Point of Sale includes Retail Sales, Order Returns, Promo Management, Inventory Management, Payment Management, Stockout Notifications
    • E Commerce – Product Listing, Search\Filter, PG Integration, Integrated Inventory, Custom E-Com Themes
EZEO Modules
EZEO Features

Features of EZEO

    • Easy Setup & Secured Login
    • Secured and encrypted environment
    • Approver mechanism and third party verification
    • Traceability at every juncture
    • CAT(Customer, Agent, Transporter) management     
    • Barcodes for designs to verify orders at both the ends
    • Product groups and details with different options

Problems faced in Supply Chain Management systems

    Supply Chain Management is a complex operation for any business organisation. Some of the problems are:

    • Supply Chain Complexity
    • Increased Costs
    • Manual Documentation
    • Analytical Difficulty
    • Lengthy Cycle Time 
    • Lack of Expertise
    • Inaccurate Reporting
    • Inconsistent Tracking
Problems with supply chain management
Solutions with EZEO


    E - Easy

    Z - Zealous

    E - Efficient

    O - Optimization

    • Efficient Product Movement
    • Accurate Reporting
    • Quality Control and Improvement
    • Improves Efficiency
    • Dashboard with Charts and Graphs
    • Reduces Business Risk
    • Complete Traceability

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Supply chain management (SCM) is the management of the flow of goods, data, and finances related to a product or service, from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of the product at its final destination.

EZEO helps our clients to run their procurement to delivery management through one system and can be used for B2B and B2C channels. It also provides an effective way for companies to bring vendors and customers together on a reliable platform with logins available for every party. It also helps in bringing more transparency and fairness in dealings with full traceability and assurance about the products movement. EZEO helps in executing orders in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Food Industry, Mining Industry, Banking and Finance, Electricity and Gas Companies, Trading Companies, Manufacturing Industries, Agriculture and Allied activities, Warehouses and Factories are some of the industries which can use EZEO.


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