What are the graphic design trends for 2021?


By Yaman     April 10, 2020

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Designing Trends change every year constantly, we see designers are always looking and trying to do something new each day which makes each layout different from another, and in our ProEx it is termed as “WOW ELEMENT” in the layout or web. But as we say that there are some old roots of design which never fades away and without them a layout or website is incomplete.

So, come let’s examine what are us this year’s target in designing and making our website and email a WOW layout.

  • Using gradient– Nowadays, I see a lot of websites using gradient color which actually add life to the plain layouts, the color use in CTA which actually looks eye-catching and innovative. Similarly, with the e-mailers i see a lot of promotional mailers in it also I can mark as the beautiful e-mailers with the gradient color plays well. Gradient is one of the versatile tool which if used and placed properly can do wonders.

using gradient color 
For Eg: Spotify has used gradient in the background
  • Use of Dark Mode Design –  Adding a dark design, mainly focused on UI to give the user to see their theme in night or dark mode. Dark mode design helps the elements to pop out more than the light color theme. Dark backgrounds improve the visibility of other accent colors for truly dynamic design.
  •  Abstract illustrator –  What I love the best part of this illustrator is your brand name and design stand unique, for eg. Someone can easily copy your brand name but how will they copy the illustrator as you have used in your brand appearance, this stands out to be the best for branding and promotions.
  • Imperfect that adds emotions – The name of the title itself says a lot but to explain this in the trendy way,  we can say that the handcrafted icons, images will be in trend in future and now as because they depict the personality of one another, which is different in all the way. Hand-drawn icons and other elements show off your brand personality and stand out from your competitors.  Showing it off more humanism by this.


Bold Fonts – What do we first notice when we land on an industry website, which actually takes our attention?, not in fact it’s the  Hero Headline which is written bold that the actual. In Fact, this is not something new, but as said earlier certain roots of design never fade out, the interesting part of those headlines are the way they are represented and put to display in the web or email.

I understand there will be a question that why is that so right? So, the answer to this question is to properly display the next action or draw the attention of the reader to act on. From an aesthetic point of view, bold fonts also give designs a modern and contemporary feel.

Things to keep in mind while using big font –

  • Bold typography can be a little overwhelming when there’s a lot of it to read. If everything is bold, then nothing is bold. That’s why you should try to use these bold fonts only for short pieces of text or headers/subheaders.
  • A heavy font will have more impact when contrasted against a neutral background.
  • Use simple fonts. Sans Serif fonts because they scale well. Also, when picking a bold sans-serif font, look for letters with round shape.
samsung galaxy note 9
  • Floating Elements – This trend is all about creating depth in the designing.Soft shadows and floating elements add interest and depth and give your web page a “3D Lite” look. It’s not just graphics either: you can use this effect with text and photos, too. It’s all about adding an extra layer to pizza and making it more worth seeing and feeling. These effects give the design a lightweight feel, as if the elements are floating over each other.
  • AirPods AppleScroll Generated Website –Sounds Interesting! The power of modern technologies can help us create a lot more than just web experience — they allow us to create immersive visual journeys for our visitors. Scroll-generated websites track the user’s progress as they scroll the page and show contextually-relevant information. Scroll-generated websites use the power of motion and animation effects to capture user attention and introduce dynamism in user interactions. Those effects add an extra layer of meaning into existing content and make it more memorable for users.
  • Emoticon Design – While designing, we think about communication with the person surfing our web page, and it’s always delivering and receiving information. As in today’s time, emotion plays a vital role in each one’s life and is the easiest way to communicate and put across the words. Companies are quickly moving from neutral design towards a design that has an emotional impact. Designers have a lot of tools in their toolbox that allows them to create more emotional interactions.


So, I am very excited to use some trends in my upcoming web designing work. I hope the trends you read in this article will be familiar to you, and some might be completely new but don’t rush to implement all those trends in your products.

No matter how difficult the trend is, just remember imperfection leads to perfection, so always try to create something new and unique to keep the designing spirit alive.

Let us know what all you tried and leave the comment in the box what you want to hear next from us.

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