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VizMan (Visitor Management System )- Welcome to “The New Normal”

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Corona-virus mitigation efforts are seen everywhere starting from home to offices and schools. Industries, companies and organizations had now opened their doors. Managing the visitors and employees is a crucial topic to discuss. Before Covid-19 everyone was okay using manual logbooks. Covid had introduced us to the fear of not being around the people.  

Are you worried about the safety of your employees and workplace? Do you want to know everything about your visitors? Want to make the visitor’s experience flawless and hassle-free? Then what are you waiting for? Adopt one of the best Touchless Visitor Management System “VizMan”.

Why do offices need Touchless Visitor Management Systems?

The system enhances the productivity of the workplace and keeps your workplace healthy. Visitors can check in without any touch via QR code.

On receiving the instant notification, the logged-in employee can schedule, postpone or cancel the meeting request right away.

The tracing system provides both visitors and employees with check-in and check-out with adding their information, capturing a photo with the user-friendly interface.

All industries have started adopting a digital visitor management system. VizMan streamlines your reception area with a smart and secure visitor management system.

Make sure your business makes an impressive impression in 2021.

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