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By Admin     September 23, 2021

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Is your child safe inside the school premises?  How do you treat your school guests inside and out? Why are Visitor Management Systems Important for Schools? These questions might bother you as schools are reopening. Nowadays, security serves as one of the most important security issues on school grounds. The school guest management software is a Touchless login system that not only speeds up the login process but also protects your schools from COVID-19. If you are worried about the security of your school, worry not we have a solution for you.

What is a school visitor management system?

VizMan- A touchless visitor management system has the ability to track different types of people such as parents, students, volunteers, and others who enter the school premises. The school hospitality management system helps to track health-related information to safely reduce the spread of COVID-19. It also provides a safe place for schools as it stores all guest information and visitors information can be viewed at any time.

With so much emphasis on student safety in today’s society, school hospitality management systems require features that are specially provided than those found in the standard hospitality management solution for corporate offices and other organizations.

Additional features include the ability to make a site sex offender appear at the top of the integrated database, create guest badges, report student and staff work, and deliver instant notifications to parents and caregivers.

Benefits of having VizMan (Visitor management) in your school
Benefits of having VizMan(Visitor Management) in your school

  • Guest Verification is key
    Authentication process is carried out through the visitor’s mobile number with the school check-in system.
  • Verify all employees and contract workers
    Digital guest management software easily records data for all categories of employees and contract workers – either permanent or temporary.
  • Restrict stay period of visitors
    By incorporating an advanced visitor management system, the school can issue an immediate visitor pass during the ban.
  • Find a child or staff within the school
    An integrated school visitor management system helps to get someone on campus through local technology. Officials can check the exact location and time of the person or student inside the campus on a specific day in their central dashboard whenever needed.
  • Examine reports of trends and violations
    The school management software has built-in statistical tools for analyzing guest data. It allows authorities to determine the behavior of people – be they employees, students, or outsiders – as reports.
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VizMan (Visitor Management) perfect partner for your school


  1. Login panel
  2. Calendar
  3. Appointments and visitors
  4. Vivid, responsive touch screen
  5. Meeting Management

Team VizMan has a deep understanding of the day-to-day problems and challenges facing educational institutions. In fact, most of our products were developed with real, real issues constantly plaguing educational institutions.

We have used the latest technology to build our easy-to-use but highly intelligent solutions that any institution can use quickly.

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