How visitor management System be useful for Salon?


By Admin     July 5, 2021

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“The Indian personal care and salons industry had attained a value of ₹54,550 Crore in 2020. The market is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 12% in the forecast period of 2021-2026.” This includes not just the service stores where one can get beauty treatment and personal care but also the beauty products manufacturing and trading.  

Source: expert market research

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The arrival of Covid-19 shook the world economy very hard. However, the beauty and personal care industry had a huge impact as the industry thrives on ‘personal touch’. The pandemic made it impossible for the industry to work without physical closeness. 

Strictly forced lockdowns in the towns meant the complete closure of all salons. The hairdressing industry which was expected to grow first now suffers to survive. Even after the lockdown was lifted, the salons continued to bear the loss as people were wary of going outside.

Overcoming the pandemic

To get back on track, salons needed to adapt to the ‘new normal. Moreover spending a little extra and keeping a revised plan in mind including all safety standards. Reservations are taken in such a way that the salons get enough time to sanitize and ensures the safety of all customers.

Thousands of businesses in the beauty industry worldwide can grow their business. Above all, it save time and can help you reach millions of customers. VizMan is one of the leading visitor management systems. Besides that, it includes salon appointment scheduling & booking software offering a diverse range of functions for businesses.

VizMan will make it easy to manage the daily process, as well as customer detail, employee detail, daily routing process like inward, outward, etc.

This salon software is fitted with everything you need to boost like revenue. It also save time and enhance brand visibility. Is good at making smart decisions in the beauty industry.  Besides this, you can explore the features of this most loved tool. Hurry up and get ready to make your business better.


Top 5 point Visitor Management system for salon

How visitor management be useful for Salon?

Scheduling Appointments

 This software application is to help you customize appointments and schedules. As well as reduces the workload of the receptionist.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The system drastically reduces the wait time as it can quickly retrieve all the relevant data, suggesting available time slots.

Time Effectiveness

This system saves time for both customers as well as employees in the saloon as it speeds up the booking and appointment process.

Instant Notification

The logged-in employee can schedule, postpone or cancel the meeting request right away with instant notification feature.

Better ROI

Above all the system can streamline the booking process and improve customer experience, hence increasing the ROI.

Features of Visitor Management System for Salons

  1. Online Booking
  2. Off-hours Booking
  3. Reschedule SMS / notification
  4. Sms / reminder to the visitor
  5. Audit Reports
  6. Inhouse Inventory
  7. Real-Time view 
  8. Visitor Analytics

Steps to maintain hygiene in the salons

  1. Use Sanitizer to keep surrounding clean
  2. Wash your hands often
  3. Maintain Social Distancing
  4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
  5. Stay updated about covid-19 and follow the advice given by the government

Upgrade your check-in process today and adopt an all-in-one solution for an efficient visitor management system.

Want to give us a try?

Check-out on www.vizman.app

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