Does hospitals need visitor management software?


By Admin     July 31, 2021

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Many ask, why do hospitals need visitor management software? Healthcare centers are at greater risk of security and operational dangers. Hospitals face the essential challenge of keeping check on people coming in. The visitors at hospitals are not just for their own healthcare but they all the different reasons, Visiting Patients, Meeting Staff, Vendors delivering goods, etc.

We all understand that it is routine but a place like a hospital needs better management and avoid unnecessary waiting. This could be very helpful in ensuring social distancing and help in stop or slow down the rate and extent of disease transmission in a community. In this time of Covid 19 pandemic, it’s honestly crucial to screen every person that comes into the sanatorium.

From a small clinic with two-three nursing staff to a large hospital that serve hundreds of patients, there is a constant flow of people in both. This includes various categories of workers and visitors – staff, contractors, laborers, medical representatives, vendors, etc. – who enter and exit the facilities day in and day out. So what is the best way to keep everyone safe and managed?

Even now, the security gaurd in big hospitals or the nurse in the clinic, they tend to maintain a manual register. These paper registers keep the data of visitors which is mostly gibberish. To tackle this, hospitals need a robust and efficient security and operations management system. One such solution is visitor management software. It will ensure security in the hospital facility as well as efficiency in the management of its visitors.

Organizations are getting the digital at reception of visitors and replacing traditional ways of registration methods. VizMan – A visitor management software helps to stimulate the entire patient visiting process and keeps track on vendors and contracts too. It digitizes the process right from the main gate to reception; meeting area to gate pass. It also assists you to see relevant visitors’ information on the system before the meeting.

The visitor management software records and tracks the hospital’s visitor traffic and provides visitor details category-wise. This way, hospitals can prevent chaos on the premises and avoid unnecessary crowds. All records are accessible in a single dashboard in real-time and keep security in check.


Safety of your visitors and staff Visitor management System

Ensure the Safety of your visitors and staff

  • Quick Check-In
    Using smartphones visitors can check in. Pre-invited visitors can check in by scanning their QR-code.
  • Instant Notifications
    On receiving the instant notification, the logged-in employee can schedule, postpone or cancel the meeting request right away.
  • Flawless Database Management
    Visitor Management System is a secure and user-friendly database manager that records, filters, and tracks the visitors to your organization.
  • Smooth, Simple, And Safe
    It digitizes the process right from the main gate to reception; meeting arena to gate pass. It also assists you to see relevant visitors’ information on the system before the meeting.
  • Multiple Roles And SynchronizationVizman manages a sleek end-to-end flow of the visit that makes your workplace look smart and effortless.
  • Deny access
    It alerts and ensures the right people within your facility are notified about Deny Access activity.
  • Courier in-out

    Tracking systems have become extremely sophisticated, thanks to the advanced technology platforms that they now use. Even if your package is thousands of miles away, you will be able to track it with just a click of the mouse.

VizMan presents you a touchless check-in process


top 5 hospital safety concerns

VizMan help with Hospital safety

How can VizMan help with Hospital safety?

  • Displaying Denied Access Messages
    If a visitor is visiting your premises multiple times without any reason you can add that visitor to the blacklist.
  •  Implementing a comprehensive VMS
    (VMS) allow hospitals to effectively identify who has the facility, determine if their visit is authorized, and deny entry to individuals if necessary.
  • Prints Visitor Badges
    Prints visitor badges with the logo, visitor name, photo, and a QR code. This helps you recognize the visitor and also store the data of the visitor
  • Manage Evacuation
    Immediately retrieve a list of visitors in the building. Email or share the list with security guards
  • Denied access
    Reinforce patient and staff safety with quick, effective Deny Access controls to flag bad actors

Touchless visitor management is an efficient way of managing visitors. It can complement manual check-ins which were earlier handled by receptionists. VMS at the front desk can reduce the workload of receptionists.  

Are you willing to have a touchless visitor management system? Give us a try, for more details contact us on


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