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By Admin     January 23, 2021

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This is what you hear at most of the front desks. In most companies, you will find a security person who will sanitize you, check your belongings, and guide you to the concerned person. But before that, you see a Visitor Log Book, where you enter your details. 

Over the past few years, this is the practice at every office or factory you visit. It is more like a formality that has been just followed. Rarely people care about the data being entered, be it their names or person they want to meet and importantly the phone numbers. Only when there is a mishappening, the Visitor Register is checked. 

All this became important when one of the leaders in ceramic, tiles and sanitaryware asked us to help them out. They wanted to eliminate the paper log book and go digital with a seamless data entry solution.

Why is visitor management important?

  1. Slow Visitor Login Process
    The ability of the Gatekeeper / Guard to enter details of visitors in the log book. People are busy nowadays, they are averse to queues and tedious processes. No one appreciates a long line and a cumbersome book entry.
  2. Poor User Experience
    Usually, visitors have to enter all their details again when they are visiting you. And it’s really not good to ask the same things again and again, especially when we have all the digital support we need. All this doesn’t leave a good impression on your guests.
  3. Ineffective paper log
    Managing visitors’ data manually is highly error-prone. Moreover, you can not ensure if the phone number entered is the correct one? Or you can’t attach a photo or copy of ID Proof of the visitor. All this is important for the security of your company. In the traditional record book system that uses a paper log of visitors, proves to be ineffective.
  4. Less Secure
    Paper log books limit the amount of information to be stored. Visitors’ identities that are lying on paper without any lock are not secure as everyone has access to it. Even though there are hundreds of visitors, you can’t extract the data you need.
  5. No Pre-registration
    It’s difficult to pre-enter details of someone in the Visitor Register to provide them convenience at the time of entry. This is important if any special person is visiting you. It keeps staff aware of who is entering the building including if they can make pre-arrangements if needed.

Overview of Client 

Simpolo Ceramics is a well-known name in the industry of Vitrified tiles and Sanitaryware. The company has consistently grown with sheer innovation and passion rooted in simplicity. It has endured gratification for every experience that it offers, creating to share something truly meaningful. Some say, it does not resonate with the majority, but that is what takes them a class apart.

It has more than 180 employees and receives 100+ visitors each day. The visitor log book is something that had become a burden in itself. The pain was not just keeping different books for different gates but also, the compilation of data. They needed a simple software that could track all their visitors at every in/out point. An application that reduces the burden of the receptionist and minimises human errors. VizMan a solution has all the modules that can ease of all these problems.

Vizman – Visitor Management System with Gate Pass 

In this automation era enhancing customer experience plays an important role in staying ahead in the market. VizMan provides hassle-free access that does not compromise on security. It enables you to pre-register your visitor. 

VizMan – Visitor Module provides a way to effectively control, record & track Guests at your premises. It helps to prevent the entry of any unauthorized or unwanted person in the premises. Blacklisted Guest / Visitors with restrictive entry may be rejected at the check-in point or an alert to the concerned authority be sent.

The flexible architecture of VizMan allows various authorities in the organisation to directly access the data they need. It can be integrated with various hardwares like web-cam, fingerprint scanner, RFID Scanner & printers. Email/SMS/popup alerts of guests and any notification to the guests is easily functionable.

This is a very important process that must take place. But we should also always keep in mind that uncovering our motivations can be difficult, but it is an essential step in understanding ourselves and finding fulfillment in life. By using the right tools and techniques, we can find the true purpose or mission driving our daily activities and decisions. Doing this can help us make more meaningful choices and live with greater satisfaction. Here you will find more about it

Advantages of Using VizMan (Visitor Management Software) 

  • Identify Frequent Visitors for better and personalized service
  • Visitor identification from verified mobile number
  • Visitor identification from biometric data
  • Facilitates online registration before arrival
  • Automated check-in/ out process for visitors of the guest
  • For spam visitors, it raises alert from database
  • QR based Self Check-in for the visitors’ easy access 

Just like Simpolo Ceramics, you can also get a Visitor Management System to simplify your Front Desk and Gatekeeper. Want to give us a try? Contact our experts today at sales@naapbooks.in

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