Device Friendly

NAAPBOOKS is most friendly web app designed to cater the needs of every business with a view of the emergence of usage of mobile devices in the business activity. The cloud-based infrastructure ensures you are never off the grid and can do any accounting task.

In this fast forward moving life, we want to stay updated and NAAPBOOKS lets you stay connected to your business from any device, anywhere, at any time. NAAPBOOKS represents perfectly how technology and the way we work are evolving. Being continuously connected is becoming just as important as the work we deliver. Whether you are at home, in a meeting or in transports, you need to collaborate and get in touch with people using the device you have on hand: smartphone, tablets, laptops or personal computers. 

The rise of Cloud and mobility is impacting the economy in several ways. Providing customers with anytime, anywhere, any device access to enterprise systems, as well as the ability to interact with data to get work done, has been a key strategic imperative.