NAAPBOOKS has an advanced dashboard that gives you quick view of the financial health of the business. It comes along with figures like cash, bank, receivable and payable balances at the top together with analytical graphs for yearly sales and purchases with a pie chart showing customer aging.

For any business, it is most important to keep its managers updated with correct cash position so that they can evaluate the future needs of the business to grow. The NAAPBOOKS dashboard gives you a clear picture of the position of cash in the business along with the monthly figures of sales, profit, and expenses.

Also, it provides you one-click access to all the financial reports which is the vital indicator of your company's financial health.

The customer aging chart lets you know the status of payment overdue and the unpaid credit by the customers during a period. It helps the collection personnel to determine the credit policy adopted by the company.

It is an effective tool to measure and eliminate the potential bad debts of the business.