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As Covid-19 continues to ravage the world, there have been some major changes in all aspects of life and one among those is change in workplace trends.  

All Major Breakthroughs are preceded by chaos

We saw the rise of “Gig economy” post-2008 recession. And now with this pandemic, our workplace will never be the same again. Some unprecedented changes are bound to happen. So let us look at the emerging trends in the workplace.

In a post-COVID-19 world, Work from Anywhere (WFA) is expected to become the new Work from Home (WFH). Many experts believe 

that in the future, the majority of employees will be able to work from anywhere in the world. The shift is supported by a major turnaround in terms of adaptation to technology. Though only highly skilled, highly educated employees in specific industries, occupations, and regions have the potential to work remotely from any place. There are Pros and Cons to this change, for Example, companies can now save money by reducing costs on real estate but on the other hand, maintaining culture in a virtual environment is difficult and there is also a risk of data security.

Microsoft has already announced that all of its employees can work from home permanently. And now a lot of big tech giants are following the same suit.

According to experts the hybrid office model for remote work is here to stay post-pandemic. The hybrid office, unlike a typical office, will be a place where employees meet, collaborate, and engage with co-workers a couple of times a week and then work remotely the rest of the time. Employees will work from shared rooms and workstations, or “hot desking,” rather than having their own offices. Individual tasks that do not necessitate teamwork will be carried out remotely.

Here is where Vizman – Visitor Management system can come in handy. With its features of contactless check-in/out, regularly updating the schedule based on meetings are a few of the benefits that can enable a seamless hybrid workplace. It can ensure high security too.

As many manufacturing jobs have slowed down due to the non-availability of workers, this has accelerated the pace of automation and digitization for many such jobs. Reskilling has become imperative for workers to survive in such unprecedented times. Social distancing and remote workplaces have led to high growth in digital adoption. Online meetings are the new norm. Companies like Cisco, Zoom, and Microsoft have come up with innovative ways to conduct these meetings.

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