Brief About App

Our experienced development team has also developed an application for CIRP. It is a recovery mechanism for creditors. If corporate becomes insolvent, a financial creditor or the corporate itself may initiate the CIRP. Once the process is initiated, the management is placed under the appointed “Interim resolution professional”(IRP). This Interim resolution professional shall take care of the entire process until the end of CIRP. So, the process that IRP has to follow, is very long and time-consuming.

We developed an online application to make the life of IRP much easier. All the detailed CIRP steps are integrated into this application with all the required options.

Check out our CIRP application interface!

CIRP - 1
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Key Features

Multiple dashboards for Admin, Supervisor, User and Lawyer

Tasks can be assigned, completed and approved in the same portal.

Uploaded documents can be categorically saved.

Personalized emails for forms and events.

Trouble-free interface and easy-to-use method to make the process effortless.


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