Case Study: Bright Solar Limited


By Yaman     February 24, 2020

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With a highly specialized Target group in the emerging market of Solar energy and tough competition in Gujarat, each new potential lead becomes of paramount importance. With its services spread all across the state but limited physical resources, our client struggled for conversions with a site too dull to attract, too slow to load and too complex to get any info worth knowing.

We created, developed, and maintained a useful, relevant, and smooth website for Bright Solar Limited, a Gujarat-based manufacturer and installer of various Solar products.

With sliding images, lively icons, concise but concrete content, and an eye-soothing color scheme, we optimized the user experience and maximized the results.

With focused attention to details, each separate tab was provided for effective product management. Specific separate tabs were provided for About Us, Products, Projects,   Service, Support, Blog, Media, Investor Relations, Careers and Contact Us.

The Home Page featured a quick Inquiry Form for instantly connecting. In cognizance of the recent Subsidy scheme rolled out by the Government, a massive Marketing Campaign was supported by a special Landing Page that provided all the details that greatly helps the potential leads.

This website developed by Naapbooks is also consistently supported through Social Media pages driving external backlinks driving traffic. Also, our in-house accounting team takes care of their finances along with the Graphic Design and SEO team that constantly updates about their latest news and offerings.

All in all, our strategies immensely aided in fostering their growth and profitability. The overall Branding improved significantly and now the customers reach them in more quantity, much easily boosting growth and profitability. 
case study bright solar

With a specialized Target group in the emerging market of Solar energy, differentiation becomes an important factor. Since, the last 2 years, we have designed, managed & updated Bright Solar’s entire Branding and promotions like Website, SEO, Social Media, Brochures, Annual Reports, Newspaper Ads, Specialized Campaigns, etc.

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