About us

Book-keeping is as old as the culture of doing business. Over the centuries, it has become simpler so as to enable the entrepreneur to focus more on core business activity rather than making entries and tabulating reports.

Even after so much of technological advancement, our SMEs find it difficult to adapt the available accounting software. There are majorly three reasons to it - Ease of using software, in-depth knowledge of the software and cost of using software which includes licensing fees and manpower.

NAAPBOOKS believes to assist and facilitate the enterprises by automating the accounting process, which eventually saves a lot of precious man hours and also avoid unnecessary manual errors. We have ensured that this SaaS based application is as easy to use for not just trained accountants but for anyone who knows basic data entry. NAAPBOOKS can be made available for both offline and online users. We have ensured 3 layers of security to avoid any breach.

There are more than 310 lakhs SMEs in our country as of March 2016, out of which nearly 70% either use traditional pen-paper based booking or don’t maintain book of accounts. This number is rising with this great ecosystem for start-ups that has emerged in India. We believe that this is an opportunity that can aid millions of small and medium enterprises to keep up with next generation accounting system.